• Saturday, Oct 13, 2018

    Come Rock With Us!

    Dress Code

    Weddings are fancy; we are not. Be more like us. Click here to know what to wear so you don't show up looking like a doofus.


    Event begins at 5:00PM CST.
    Reception immediately afterward.

    Parking is limited - please consider carpooling or Lyft / Uber.

    Also, we regret that the event is not child-friendly, so please plan accordingly.

    Venue Information

    Skyville Live

    2602 Westwood Dr

    Nashville, TN 37204

    Hotel Info

    Nashville is a popular tourist destination, and we have approximately one hotel for every resident.  Unfortunately, we inadvertently picked the same date as Vanderbilt's homecoming weekend, so some hotels in the Midtown / Downtown area are booking up.  YOU MAY WANT TO BOOK EARLY.  Click on the link below to find links to hotels near the venue. Please e-mail us if you have questions about a location.


    Please e-mail your RSVP to us by September 9, 2018!

    Please include number of guests. E-mail to bonnieandjeremyareawesome@gmail.com